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My impressions so far…….  I find this class highly enjoyable and fast paced.  As of right now, I have completed 5 projects.  While I do find the material challenging due to the fact that I have little to no experience, I have not found it overwhelming.  I’m glad that I decided to take this class because I most likely wouldn’t have taken the time to learn this material on my own, and I feel that it will be very beneficial for me to cultivate these skills and knowledge.



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I intend for this class to instruct me in basic web site design and development.  I hope to put this knowledge to use very soon when I undertake my capstone project for my M.A.  Also, I feel that it is a useful ability to further develop.

Previous Experience

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I realize that I am expected to write at least a paragraph in regards to my previous experience in web design and development.  I simply am unable to do this.  I have absolutely zero experience  in these fields.


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Welcome to my blog that I had to create as an assignment for FSU’s CGS2821 class!  Within this site, you will find various assignments that were assigned for me to complete throughout the summer semester of 2012.  I hope you find as much enjoyment browsing through them as I did in creating them.